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Kudos for Kids:
Del Mar Canyon Preserve aka Anderson Canyon

Tyden Chinowsky, 13 | Hidden Pines Lane

Restoring Anderson Canyon. From left: Niko Beros, Tyden Chinowsky, Spencer Reckles, Steve Chinowsky.
Photo Adina Chinowsky

About a year ago, my family and I noticed that the bluffs above Anderson Canyon in Del Mar were looking more barren than usual. Due to the recent construction of the multi-use pathway that cuts through the bluff, the soil had become so hard-packed that nothing was growing through. I asked my Dad if we could help restore the bluffs as part of a community project I was planning to do in honor of my Bar Mitzvah. With the encouragement and financial support of my family, we approached the city of Del Mar. While everyone at the city was super supportive, the process still ended up taking a year before we were able to obtain all the required permits from the city and the Coastal Commission.

There were multiple stages of this project. First, was finding a sustainable means of irrigation. We worked with the city and its outside contractor to extend the existing irrigation lines from the northern part of Anderson Canyon to the northern portion of the project site. We then hired, Jeremy Spath and his team at Water’s Path to further extend the irrigation line underground to the southern end of the project site. Once the irrigation system was set up, we hired a crane service to transport large boulders to the site to provide a more interesting visual and interactive experience for the public. Next, we created pathways for the public to meander through. Then, with the help of the city and donations from nearby contractors, we obtained over 80 yards of soil to replenish the site and prepare for planting. With the oversight and expertise of Jeremy Spath we purchased and planted over 270 native species, including Torrey Pines and the very rare Del Mar Manzanita. The plants were purchased from Moosa Creek Nursery and Recon and are all native plants to the Torrey Pines/Del Mar Maritime Chaparral. We installed a drip irrigation system that is buried underground and on a timer. Shortly we will be adding mulch to finish up the planting on the western border.



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