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Meet Beth
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Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.

Beth Murray joined City staff toward the end of May, in time for our celebration of the 60th anniversary of incorporation and the delayed end-phase of Streetscape. On one of her first days at work the internet was downed by damaged wires. Everything she could be usefully doing depended on the web, so she borrowed a colleague’s copy of Nancy Hanks Ewing’s Del Mar Looking Back and immersed herself in our history. She did get to contribute to the celebration, among other things ordering the cake.

After a B.A. from Nebraska (Lincoln) she came to SDSU for graduate work, gaining a Masters in Public Administration in 1994. Her original focus was urban planning and she started as Senior Planner with the Development Services Department of San Diego in 1997. Since then she had moved up the ladder from one part of the City of San Diego staff to the next, except for a brief stint, Sept. 2012 to April 2013, as Assistant Director of the Planning and Development Services Department of the County of San Diego.

Her last position with the City of San Diego was May 2014 to Feb. 2019 as Program Manager of the Public Utilities Department, which included “managing a consultant contract for an operational assessment of the water meter and billing functions, facility enhancement projects, customer service workshops, and employee wellness programs.” Describing this, she emphasized that she was working with people, albeit within the staff, assuring the smooth working of the group.

Now, in Del Mar, she was interacting with outside people, like merchants concerned with how Streetscape could be managed to minimize the impact on their business. A breath of fresh air? So it seems. Like other staff hired from much larger cities, Beth is gratified by the scale of Del Mar which allows, enables and requires employees to be interactive and flexible, not immersed in a single department with its own purposes and hierarchy, but part of a staff that often has to rally all its forces to meet a new challenge. She is now a Senior Management Analyst, perhaps far from her planning origins, but in Del Mar no important function is cut off from the others.

In fact Beth is the City liaison with the Business Support Advisory Committee, the newly formed Arts Advisory Committee, the cluster of Non-Profits which meets quarterly, and the DMVA. She is the City’s Public Information Officer and as such oversees the e-mail Del Mar Weekly Newsletter, which you should subscribe to. She lives in Bird Rock, La Jolla with her husband of 25 years and “two adorable cats.”



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