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Commentary: YES

Nate McCay | Ocean View Avenue

The City Council has taken action to allow the public to vote on the Marisol Specific Plan in the March Primary Election. I am writing to express support for a yes vote on the initiative.

This project has benefits easy to articulate. It will open an attractive site to the public that currently is in private hands. The plan is for a “retreat style hotel with a strong commitment to sustainability.” The amenities will be available to all of us, including a mile long loop trail with beautiful views and restaurants suitable for such a facility, to say nothing of public facilities on the North Beach.

The financial benefit to the City is like winning a lottery. The resort is projected to furnish the City with significant transient occupancy taxes (as well as some real estate taxes) which will generate a continuous revenue stream for capital projects in Del Mar. By the way, development of the Shores Property as a park is a prime example of a future capital project.

In addition the project will help the City satisfy its state housing requirements - in fact, it meets our entire 22-in-5 goal. The citizens initiative specifically requires an environmental impact report and city discretionary approvals, including Design Review, so we can be assured of the ability to shape the Marisol Project to fit well in the community.

This is not a choice between a resort or open space. It is a choice between what we expect to be a lovely resort open to the public, and a number of large lots destined for private homeowners with the resources to build the homes they want.

It is not a choice of change or no change. Change is inevitable and seldom satisfies everyone. This is a choice for change which will enhance our community, our community resources and our ability to utilize the amenities of a beautiful site. How beautiful it may be we can’t now know, but it will certainly be better for our community than a site that offers us no discernible benefits and no admittance.


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