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Bud Emerson | Klish Way

The Marisol citizens’ initiative was analyzed by Del Mar staff in accordance with California Elections Code 9212, concluding that the “proposed mix of land uses appears consistent with existing surrounding land uses.” It states further that resource management protections, coastal public access, and sustainable design standards are consistent with the Community Plan. (see Sandpiper website for complete staff presentation outline). The entire report can be viewed on the city website: bit.ly/marisol9212

The 9212 report cites similar zoning of four hotel uses within one mile, 2-3 story high-density structures directly to the north, and beach restaurant zoning to the east. Therefore proposed land uses are consistent with surrounding uses.
The report compares existing and proposed land and housing potential:

• 18 residential units vs Marisol’s 53
• Maximum height 26 feet vs 46 feet
• Affordable housing none vs 22
• Lot coverage 35% vs 33%
• Floor area ratio 25% vs 57%

Another surprising conclusion is that failure of the initiative may result in a State requirement that the site be zoned for high density housing up to 20 units per acre, resulting in more than 300 housing units.

Additionally, the initiative calls for 30-50 foot setbacks from the city North Bluff Preserve, traffic circulation assessed in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and a city controlled economic and fiscal analysis.

Although initiatives are ordinarily exempt from CEQA, this one specifically requires an environmental impact report and mitigation measures subject to city approval.
The 9212 report lists a number of discretionary and legislative approvals all of which provide for public input:

• Final certification of the EIR
• Community Plan and zoning amendments
• Local Coastal Plan amendments
• Coastal Commission approval of the Marisol Specific Plan
• Subdivision Map
• Design Review Permit
• Coastal Development Permit

The 9212 report says all public benefits, as well as environmental mitigation measures, will be provided as part of the project design and conditions may be imposed to ensure implementation.



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