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Welcome Back Joseph
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

Courtesy Joseph Smith

Del Mar has named Joseph Daniel Smith as our new Planning Director replacing recently retired Kathy Garcia. Smith has an impressive resume of experience including a previous stint in Del Mar working on sea level rise and other important projects. His experience includes positions with the Port of San Diego and Malibu as well as numerous other private sector work in Los Angeles and Riverside counties (see city website for the official announcement)

The Sandpiper contacted Smith and asked two questions: Why Del Mar? And How do you envision Del Mar’s future?

His answers:

Why Del Mar
“Coming back to the Del Mar family is a tremendous joy and I am grateful for the opportunity to help guide the City’s development process in a manner that protects what’s most special about Del Mar - its coastal community character. I suppose once learned, one never loses the ‘Del Mar Way’. It served as a guidepost while I previously served the City and has now brought me back.”

Del Mar’s Future
“I am confident that Del Mar will always preserve its unique and special identity, and continue to be a leader in the San Diego region, even as it addresses state mandates, the changing needs of its residents, visitor serving opportunities, and environmental stewardship.”



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