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Who Dat?

John Graybill | 15th

The recent political attacks levied against Councilmember Ellie Haviland are the equivalent to a crime against our community. Anyone who knows her knows that Ellie has only the best interests of Del Mar in mind when she makes decisions. So why the attacks? To understand the motive, follow the money. Some real estate people and short-term rental owners will go to amazing lengths to protect and enhance their income streams, no matter the impact on our community.

Councilmember Haviland will be up for reelection in 2020. She has become a lightning-rod for a systematic campaign to discredit her and replace her with a candidate sympathetic to short-term rental owners. This is not a group that wants to preserve the charm of our town, where neighbors and neighborhoods come first; nor are they those who give of their time to make Del Mar a better place for our residents and future generations.

A local publication called “The Woodpecker,” devoted its entire last issue to what I believe was gross misinformation and absurdly biased commentary on Ellie Haviland. Do you wonder why they don’t identify themselves and their funding sources? I’m confident that in time we will all learn there is a direct correlation between this publication and real estate people and developers who are out to monetize Del Mar real estate, particularly via short-term rentals. “The Woodpecker” continues to publish non-scientific “surveys” to bolster their positions. In the end, fake surveys in a fake-news, hit-piece publication masquerading as a legitimate news source won’t deceive the Del Mar electorate.
The short-term rental issue was debated extensively in the past year. It was made clear that most residents in our residential neighborhoods don’t want to live next door to a mini-hotel. I believe those very individuals who seek to make money with short-term Del Mar properties are trashing Councilmember Haviland’s good name, all in pursuit of financial gain via dirty politics.

Think about why you moved to Del Mar. You love our community, our woodsy neighborhoods, the views, the peace and quiet of our neighborhoods. Since the 1970s, our planning and design ordinances have sustained the extraordinary, unique character that has kept Del Mar’s property values so high. Don’t be fooled by the “anonymous” hit pieces from “The Woodpecker.” It’s not surprising that they won’t reveal their identity. Their motives would be that much more apparent. We should support Ellie now and, if she runs for reelection, in 2020.



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