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Shared Parking Possible
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Put planning for Shores Park on hold until negotiations with Winston School are completed and we can consider shared parking with them, City Council told staff at their September 30 meeting.

Staff had asked City Council to give direction on the number of parking spaces needed for the 3.8 acre Shores site that is currently occupied by the Del Mar Foundation, Del Mar Community Connections and the playing field used cooperatively as a dog park. Initial community input and advice from Schmidt Design Group, consultants for park planning, was to plan for 12-20 spaces reflecting the perspective that Shores Park is a “small neighborhood park that does not need extensive parking.” Once the Council provides direction, staff suggested, Schmidt Design will “refresh the park master plan concepts” with the parking recommendation.

However, speakers and “red dot” letters, urged the Council to wait for the City and Winston School to complete lease negotiations before establishing a specific number for the upper park at Camino del Mar and Ninth Street. In the meantime staff was given direction to explore more offsite parking in order to conserve as much open space as possible. Those possibilities included covering the ditch on Ninth to provide more accessible parking, removing the red line on Camino del Mar and using the 11 spaces at the adjacent hotel available for park visitors as well as City Hall.



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