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Burial Districts
Kristen Crane | Assistant City Manager

On August 5th, the City Council reaffirmed commitment to undergrounding all utility poles and associated overhead cable and several recommendations from the Undergrounding Project Advisory Committee (UPAC).

The City Council authorized proceeding with the design of two areas, Area 1A (along Stratford Court, between 4th and 12th streets) and Area X1A (lower area of Crest Canyon off San Dieguito Drive and up along Crest Road and Avenida Primavera). The design work will be completed at the City’s expense by San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), which includes coordination with the telecommunication providers that use the utility poles for their infrastructure. Design is anticipated to take approximately 18 months once the two areas are officially designated as undergrounding districts by the City Council, which gives SDG&E the green light to proceed.

The focus is now on officially forming the undergrounding districts for both Area 1A and X1A. This involves working with SDG&E and hearing its feedback on refining the area boundaries based on circuitry, SDG&E operational requirements, and cost efficiency. The first step for forming each of the two undergrounding districts is anticipated to take place at the October 21st City Council meeting.

City staff is also working with SDG&E to address several topics related to project coordination which will influence how the project moves forward.

Meanwhile, City staff and UPAC are also working on a “Request for Qualifications” to hire an as-needed specialized electrical engineering consultant, which is anticipated to provide technical knowledge, expertise in working with SDG&E, and technical reviews for improving efficiency during the design process. It is anticipated that the consultant will be selected and a contract awarded by the City Council by late November.

Further discussion of the two areas (Area 1A and Area X1A), where they are located, and how they were determined and selected for the first phase is available on the project web page at www.delmar.ca.us/up.

For more information, visit www.delmar.ca.us/up or contact up@delmar.ca.us.



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