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Wetlands By-Product:
Setal Pravhu | Del Mar Consultant

The San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project team is planning to work with the appropriate regulators and Del Mar staff to begin the process of excavating the buildup of sand that is partially blocking the San Dieguito River tidal channel. Similar to past years, the plan is to use heavy equipment to carefully excavate the sand from the San Dieguito River channel. It will then be moved to the beach south of the river mouth for beach replenishment.

Removing the sand periodically is one of the most important components of overall maintenance of the wetlands, since the aquatic life, vegetation, and wildlife within the nature preserve are all connected and dependent on the daily saltwater flow for their sustenance. Removing the sand will enhance the natural tidal flow between the Pacific Ocean and the hundreds of acres of newly created and existing habitat that depend on daily tidal flushing. Once the work is completed, there will be more sand on Del Mar beaches and more saltwater flowing through the river channel, as hundreds of millions of gallons of ocean water deliver fish, plankton, and nutrients via the river mouth into rare coastal habitats to constantly reinvigorate the ecosystem.

The San Dieguito Wetlands team will be notifying local residents and using the local media to notify people when they should start to see equipment mobilizing. The work is expected to begin around the end of October and last approximately two weeks. During excavation operations, beach access to the south side of the beach west of Highway 101 will be closed for safety purposes. Equipment will be parked overnight and cordoned off for safety, either on the north or south side of the San Dieguito River next to the project site, depending on tidal flows and project logistics. In accordance with local ordinances, equipment will be operated between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. in the area, Monday through Friday; exact times will be determined by tidal influence and wave action. On Saturday, equipment may be operated from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., as needed.

Please call Kelly Sarber (San Dieguito Wetlands Community Liaison) at (760) 613-5994, if you have any questions.



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