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Our Fair Share
Ellie Haviland | Deputy Mayor

There is a housing crisis in California and the difficult process of determining how each city is going to help solve the problem is well underway. The regional housing need allocation (RHNA) is being worked on at the SANDAG Board. Over a year ago the board accepted 171,000 as the total housing for the County. Now we need to allocate a fair share to each jurisdiction. On September 6th the SANDAG Board approved to send the RHNA allocation out for public comment.

The process is fair: standards for transit, jobs and housing were applied equally to each city. The final recommendation was to allocate 65% of housing based upon transit (0 units for Del Mar) and 35% of housing based on the number of jobs (163 units for Del Mar). Shifting our regional transportation plan to a system that makes transit an attractive option for more residents is dependent on having housing next to transit. This vision for our regional transportation plan has consistently been supported by the Del Mar City Council.

There was no realistic better deal for Del Mar. Other options that were presented at the SANDAG Board meeting either had no impact on Del Mar or were never going to pass a weighted vote that gives San Diego a majority. Community leaders who tell you otherwise are naive about how SANDAG works.
You may also have heard false accusations about that the integrity of the data used by SANDAG. When I addressed this concern with Hasan Ikhrata, the Executive Director of SANDAG, he was emphatic that integrity and truth are what is most important to him. He sent his staff to attend our September 30th City Council meeting to answer any questions or concerns our Council had with the on-going RHNA process.

Right now Del Mar is the only city in the county that has zero affordable housing units during the last two eight year cycles. Our Council needs to start working together on real solutions, not wishful thinking that the State of California will once again give us a pass.



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