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eCeltic Books & Treasures
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Her calling card reads “librocubicularist”— a term coined by Christopher Morley in his 1919 novel, The Haunted Bookshop, means someone who reads in bed (or, in Anne’s words, falls asleep reading). Anne Mery is back in Del Mar; she owned and ran the Del Mar bookstore Earth Song from 1991 to 2004. Back then, she recalls, there were four bookstores in Del Mar (if you count Flower Hill): Esmeralda and Word Journeys, both in the Plaza, Bookworks (next to the Pannikin) and Earth Song, paired with Virginia Igonda’s Ocean Song on Camino Del Mar.

Now there are signs that bookstores may be coming back. The children’s bookstore, Sandcastle Tales, recently opened at 1414 CDM. It is in the spot vacated in June by Julie’s Beach which has reopened at 1440 CDM and where Earth Song had been. It is there that Anne Mery now has curated a “summer pop-up” for Julie Zozaya.

As she says on her website www.ecelticbooks.com , eCeltic Books & Treasures is an “outlet for a combined passion for books and my Irish heritage.” Spellcheck is sure she means “eclectic” but that may be something her coinage was meant to hint at too. “A curated collection of books and treasures informed by my travels and 30 years of owning independent bookstores” has taken new shape in the form of “pop-ups, festivals and markets, author events, conferences and workshops, and curation services.”


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