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Bad Bluffs
Julie Maxey-Allison |10th Street

Jimmy Durante bluff collapse.
Photo Joe Bride.
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Unhappily, in the past few months, Del Mar has been host to a series of bluff collapses, most on the beach cliffs south of 15th Street where the number now totals more than 10, with some failures resulting in a train delay along the tracks perched atop. To date SANDAG, the authority in charge of the train tracks, continues to revise and update past plans to somehow stabilize that ever narrowing strip of cliffs.

Last April 21 this naturally occurring phenomenon took a turn inland to Jimmy Durante Boulevard. A slice of a bluff tumbled down onto and blocked the northbound sidewalk, bike lane and roadway. The road closure lasted until May 29 with the completion of the city’s big complicated push to clear the debris from the precariously unstable site and shore it up. The steel stakes and white, diaper-like plastic sheeting now in place and will remain until the geologists, who are reviewing data gathered after the collapse and during the clean up through observation and testing of the various soils, present an analysis to the city. Once the report is in and after agreements are reached between the city and private property owners, planning can begin on both the public and private portions of the bluff. Till then, the sites are a work in progress.


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