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Budget Facts:
Parking Enforcement Pays
Tom McGreal | Stratford Court

What are the budgetary facts related to the parking enforcement efforts, parking meters and the related staffing in the City of Del Mar?

Del Mar’s Community Service Department is responsible for parking enforcement and oversight of the parking meter operation. The City now has three full-time employees budgeted and up to ten seasonal / part-time employees, who are covering the City using electric bikes and one vehicle. This Staff is dedicated to issuing tickets for parking violations, ensuring that the parking meters are functioning properly and reporting or addressing a range of issues including traffic snags, parking at construction sites, visibility of signage and responding to calls for blocked driveways and red curb violations, to name just a few. The Parking staff coordinates with the Lifeguards, the Park Rangers and the Fire Department on any incidents in town.

The City has 70 individual parking meters with locations at the lot at 17th Street, the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Coast Blvd. and Maiden Lane, and 22 multi-meters or “park, pay and display” type meters with locations in the L’Auberge public lot, the South end of CDM, along North Beach from 29th Street and along the south side of Via De La Valle and Border Ave.

Parking meter income for Fiscal 2019 is expected to be $1,125,000. Parking citations are expected to total approximately $500,000 over Fiscal 2019 for a total of $1,625,000 in parking related revenues. The shift in recent years from parking citation revenues to meter revenues reflects the increase in the number of meters installed over the past few years.

The cost of conducting this enforcement totals approximately $820,000. The largest component is the cost of staffing at $455,000 with another $320,000 for contractual services related to the parking meters and citation processing. Operating expenses total $45,000.

This means that overall Parking Enforcement generates a net revenue totaling $805,000, which makes it an important contributor to our financial results. The City also benefits from the ten or so staff roving the streets on electric bicycles keeping “eyes and ears” on public safety.


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