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Bullets Bounce Back
Rose Ann Sharp | Crest Road

On September 28-29, a court-ordered Del Mar gun show will be held at the Fairgrounds. On Saturday, September 28, between 10am and noon, NeverAgainCA will lead a community protest against gun shows on state-owned property and the harm they cause. The protest will be under the billboard at the southwest corner of Via de la Valle and Jimmie Durante; there is plenty of parking available along Via de la Valle for anyone wishing to join us.

Intuitively Del Mar residents knew that the gun show was a danger to their community. Research and investigative reporting have established that What Happens at One Gun Show Does not Stay at that Gun Show. Dr. Garen Wintemute, founding director of the Violence Prevention Research project at UC Davis, in his book “Inside Gun Shows” writes: “Gun sellers at Crossroads shows follow the shows from state to state, which can also facilitate criminal activity in California. At a Crossroads show (in Del Mar), I listened as a customer sought to buy multiple assault-type weapons, which would have been illegal on several grounds. The seller declined, but said that he would make the sale a few weeks later at a Crossroads show in Phoenix.” Ten years later, Del Mar resident Sheila Sharpe heard almost the exact same conversation when she toured the Del Mar gun show in May 2018.

As the suicide rate climbs to over 100 per day, mass shootings occur almost daily, urban violence advances into other cities, we see patterns emerging. The Del Mar pattern started with Crossroads, owned by a convicted felon who illegally sold guns to white South Africans during apartheid, and continues today to a San Diego gun store reportedly illegally selling a semi-automatic rifle to a young white male manifesting a dogma of white nationalism against a Poway Chabad. The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented that a number of White Nationalists live in San Diego and make the threat real (SPLC Hate Map). The NRA says the Del Mar show is legal. NeverAgainCA has documented that guns are stolen, numerous misfires have occurred at Crossroads shows, straw party sales of guns and ammunition occur and convicted felons appear as vendors. This can only get more dangerous for Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas and everywhere else, now that the California Bureau of Firearms has stopped monitoring gun shows to prevent the above and many more types of crimes.

Todd Gloria’s bill AB 893 seeks to end the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The Crossroads show at the Cow Palace is in abeyance; the Ventura and Oxnard city councils and Board of Supervisors have passed resolutions to ask the Ventura Fair board to end the gun shows. In Costa Mesa, the Democratic candidate for state senate, Dave Min, is asking for the end of gun shows.

Del Mar has been the leader in the state on many issues. It’s clear our efforts in Del Mar are ringing true throughout the state. Show up on September 28 from 10 to noon to make sure everyone hears you and sees you, as the arc of history bends toward ending gun violence.


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