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Serious Selection
Ellie Haviland | Deputy Mayor

August is a time when we all get a break from city meetings, but there still is a lot of work being done on our Council Priorities and working hard on the recruitment process for our new City Manager, is one of them.

Our current City Manager, Scott Huth, shared some of his thoughts on the role. He felt it was important to find a manager who is skilled at working with our staff, the City Council and our community in a way that is productive and not political; someone who understands the importance of grass-roots solutions to big problems like housing and commercial development and someone who has the ability to get a lot of work done while keeping a presence in the community.
I’d also like to hear from you. Community engagement is a key step in the recruitment process and at the September 9th City Council meeting, Del Mar citizens will have their first opportunity to get involved. A draft candidate profile will be included in the agenda packet. Please review this document and give feedback on the qualifications you think are most important. The recruiter is also proposing to conduct an online community survey. The information received from citizen input at the City Council meeting and the survey will be used by the Council throughout the overall recruitment process. The candidate profile will be a guide for the recruiter in screening potential applicants and a guide to the council as we make the final selection. It will also be part of the information packet that is provided to each applicant.

City Manager is an important position and I am fully engaged in the recruitment process. I need your input as well as your eventual support of Council’s selection.


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