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Letter to the Editor:
Trench Troubles
Greg Beckham | Stratford Court

Once again Del Mar is at the center of an existential infrastructure crisis. The bluffs are in danger of failing and our representatives at Sandag and NCTD are way behind in addressing the issue. In our short history we have been at the mercy of transportation projects time and time again; in so many ways it has defined our community. We have been through it all. Highway 101 cut through the middle of town, the rail bed and train station, the Grayhound bus station, an airport, and even a boating pier with a paved parking lot where our Tot Lot is now. We have always supported the region’s transportation needs, but now more then ever we need to balance transportation and recreational needs.

Ever since we succeeded in having Interstate 5 moved to the east we have worked continuously to restore Del Mar’s environment step by step. Removing all the gas stations and coastal billboards, calming traffic on the Coast Hwy, cleaning up the remains of the Del Mar airport, closing the bus and train stations. We didn’t stop there: we vigorously obtained open space and reclaimed Crest Canyon and the adjacent Lagoon.We established the North Torrey Pines Reserve along with the open space at the south end bluffs with the adjacent Anderson canyon. To the north we preserved the Bluffs facing South and we reestablished the river’s entrance to the sea that was completely blocked by the dredging of the Oceanside Harbor. One of our most important accomplishments that set the tone for the Village is what I think is the most beautiful Park in the world, Seagrove Park and then the creation of its sister Powerhouse Park. I just have to say thank you to all the amazing, creative, and intelligent people who worked together to create this gorgeous city. It is a testament to uncompromising quality that will endure as a legacy for future generations.

I’ve spent my adult life enjoying all the Del Mar Bluffs have to offer and I can attest to the soul satisfying life you can have when you commune with nature above and below the Bluffs. This is where our founding father built his landmark hotel in the 1880s. There is an energy here that inspires conscious people to be in awe of the intimate vastness of living life here on Earth.

I hope as a community we can come together with one voice and once again reclaim another piece of spectacular, dynamic real estate for ourselves and countless generations to come.

We have always been aware of our moral responsibility to fulfill Del Mar’s potential for the future. We are only at the beginning of this city’s history . We simply can’t afford to make stupid choices. I pray for responsible leadership to manifest only the best results that enrich everyone’s lives. Let’s not trench and double track, destroying our parks and armouring the coastline is not an option anyone should support. There are better options available and the future requires us to preserve this unique asset for the enjoyment of all mankind.



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