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Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Source: DMVA

As the Downtown Streetscape project moves toward completion, the City is holding a rocky road-themed ice cream social on Tuesday, July 16, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the Civic Center courtyard to thank “residents, business owners and visitors for their patience while dealing with the inconvenience of heavy construction.” Due partly to a historically rainy winter and corroded drainage pipes, the project has been delayed over 70 days but is expected to be completed by late summer with contractors often working 12 hour days.

As we go to press irrigation systems are expected to be completed and planting of medians started, according to Shaun McMahon, City Analyst, who has been holding meetings throughout the project for the City to get feedback and answer questions from the community. In the latest update he noted that “the project has added new sidewalks, pedestrian ramps, medians, crosswalks and streetlights to Camino del Mar between the Plaza and 9th Street” with roadway reconstruction and striping and installation of sidewalk furnishings estimated for August.

The $7.2 million project is one of three, including Undergrounding and Shores Park, financed in part by Measure Q funds. The Downtown Streetscape project was first envisioned in 1996 and its implementation had become an increasingly important priority for the local businesses in recent years. Expecting that the Rocky Road is worth it, go get the latest scoop on the 16th.



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