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Wildfire Preparation
Sherryl L. Parks | Kalamath Drive

Wildfire season is upon us and the City has been working to coordinate a wildfire prevention program that will help protect Del Mar from horrendous fires like the Camp Fire of 2018. Residents’ concerns about wildfire risks in Del Mar are understandably high. Our town is exposed to fuel loads to the east of town, including Crest Canyon, and the entire town is vulnerable to the spread of wildfire from the east, especially in Santa Ana conditions. The City has directed our landscape contractor to work in Crest Canyon to remove dry fuel.

Our fire department reported that they completed the mandated inspections of all public buildings. Last month residents received an invitation to have their own homes inspected for fuel loads. To arrange an inspection call the fire department at 858-755-1522. Included in the department’s mailing was a pamphlet, How to Prepare Your Home for Wildfires.” Our Waste Management trash provider is offering their annual bins for your green waste the week of July 29 to August 5. To take advantage of this free service you must call WM at 800-386-7783.

There is good news in the county and region too. SDGE has a state-of-the art operation center in Kearny Mesa. Councilmember Dwight Worden and I, along with CERT Coordinator Cap Pinney, visited it last month. Meteorologists study monitors 24/7. Winds, humidity and temperatures are monitored which provide accurate information to fire departments and others emergency providers. They can predict a wildfire up to seven days ahead.

In an event of a wildfire the County Office of Emergency Services will notify our fire department. Our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will report to our Emergency Operations Center located at the new Town Hall. City staff and CERT members have already trained and are well prepared for an evacuation.

Councilmembers Parks and Worden have written a two-page advisory sheet to help residents know what to do if an emergency is declared. Installing this app on your cell phone www.sandiegocounty.org/wildfire/ you will receive current county information. Each member of the family should also prepare their own “Go Bag” that has essentials they will need during an evacuation.

Councilmembers Parks and Worden will be reaching out into the community to distribute this material. Chief Stein praises this simple one-page sheet, urging residents to hang it on the refrigerator as a quick reference should a wildfire threaten Del Mar.

Final warning to all residents: If you are called to evacuate do so immediately. If streets are clogged with traffic begin walking with your Go Bag. We do not want to lose lives this fire season.



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