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Del Mar is very fortunate to have highly qualified candidates volunteer their time for the City. At the June 3 meeting, City Council appointed two new members to the Planning Commission (PC) and two to the Design Review Board (DRB).


David Doyle was appointed to the Planning Commission. David is a highly accomplished lawyer. Astute, experienced, talented, and fair, he is what one would say is a genuine standup guy. His long experience as a very successful lawyer superbly qualifies him for this position. David’s law practice focuses on patent litigation disputes for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, electronics, and other technology companies. He has a wealth of experience in patent cases, including numerous multi-week trials. He co-chairs the global Life Sciences Group.

David has respect for the individual. He has lived in Del Mar for 15 years and he said, “You can’t always come to a decision that a particular person, who is angry or upset, wants. You just can’t always get there based on the facts or rules that govern the decision. But what you can do is respect them and treat them in a way that hopefully, when they reflect on the process, they will think it wasn’t the decision desired, but they were treated fairly and respectfully.”
David has served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, managing partner of Baker & McKenzie, and a partner of Morrison Foerster. He currently serves as Senior Counsel of Morrison Foerster. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree and Juris Doctorate at UCLA.


John Farrell was appointed to the Planning Commission. John has lived in Del Mar over 30 years with his wife, Anne. He is someone who wants only the very best for our entire community. He has a deep appreciation for the unique character, beauty, and history of Del Mar, and he strongly believes in and supports the Community Plan. “The Community Plan,” he noted, “is a document that has stood the test of time as our civic constitution.”

As a history professor, John is a teacher, scholar, and writer. He is accustomed to painstaking research and dealing with regulations, rules, policies, and protocols such as those used by the Planning Commission. He looks forward to serving on the PC to contribute to the preservation of all that makes Del Mar such an exceptional place to live and work in.

John has taught history at UCLA, Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Long Beach, Santa Monica College, Mesa College, and Miramar College. In earlier days, he traveled the world and worked as a journalist, writer, and editor, as well as a screenwriter. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at the University of Michigan, a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies at UCLA, as well as a Master”s and Ph.D. in History, both at UCLA. His particular expertise is the history of Latin America, and he is a fluent Spanish speaker.



Jason Dempsey was appointed to the Design Review Board. Born and raised in Del Mar, he is the son of Ann Dempsey, long-time resident and civic volunteer, and John Dempsey, world-famous cartoonist who volunteered his talent to the Sandpiper for many years. Jason has five decades of familiarity with many of the development issues faced by the community. He said, “I wish to contribute to the continued support and enforcement of our Community Plan by volunteering to serve on the DRB. I appreciate how special Del Mar is, but also how fragile it is, thinking about the challenges that we face 10-20 years in the future as we try to preserve the City as we love it in harmony with the inevitable future growth forces that come from inside the town as well as outside the town.”

Jason has lived in France, Connecticut, the San Francisco Bay Area, and West Los Angeles. He works as a public equity analyst for both private and mutual fund investment firms. Jason completed a Ph.D. in the humanities and taught at a graduate university level in Paris, France. He completed two major degrees at UC Berkeley and the University of Paris IV-Sorbonne.



Philip Szymanski was appointed to the Design Review Board as a non-voting ex-officio member. (An ex-officio is an advisory role to answer questions from board members regarding technical aspects of a project application when an architect’s expertise is desired.) Philip is a project architect, and he works for Architects Orange in Solana Beach. Philip said, “I’ve studied architecture in 13 different countries, including parts of Europe and China… I have a multi-disciplinary background… My strengths include… working within my team to develop creative solutions...” He has eight years of architectural experience in multi family, single family, commercial, retail, and healthcare projects.

Philip received a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Ohio State University.



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