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Incoming Roving Teen Reporter:
Thanks, Eve. Hello, Dhathry.
Dhathry Doppalapudi | Torrey Pines High School Junior

From the Global Climate Strike and the Kavanaugh confirmation to college applications and summer jobs, Eve Gross has covered a wide variety of stories as Sandpiper’s teen reporter for the past year. Eve provided insight into the lives and minds of Del Mar teenagers and now, as she embarks on a new chapter of her life at the University of California, Los Angeles, has passed the baton to me.

Journalism has been a significant part of Eve’s teenage life. While writing for the Sandpiper, she was also the opinion editor of the Torrey Pines High School newspaper, the Falconer. Seeking more than just the high school newspaper, Eve decided to take over the previous teen reporter Sammy Hallal’s position on the Sandpiper after he graduated.

Eve feels that the presence of a teen voice on the paper is vital to an informed community. “Teens possess a huge amount of knowledge about things that adults are sometimes completely unaware of, and they also have unique opinions on things because of their experiences,” she said.

Through her position on the Sandpiper, Eve has learned “a lot about not only journalism but our community itself.”

Before joining the Sandpiper, Eve felt that although she had some journalistic experience from the Falconer, she wanted real-world experience as well. “Writing specifically for the Sandpiper audience was a new, sometimes difficult, and always rewarding experience because I had to adapt the teen voice for the adult ear.”

Although she plans on majoring in neuroscience, Eve is not ready to give up journalism just yet. She aspires to join UCLA’s student newspaper, the Daily Bruin, because writing at the college level, she says, is a challenge that would be a shame to miss out on. “I’ve made some of my best friends through journalism and learned some of my most important lessons,” Eve said.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to become the next teen reporter. Like Eve, I am also part of the Torrey Pines High School Falconer and have learned a lot about the value and power of journalistic writing. I aim to use the skills I have acquired to create some awareness of the opinions and views of high schoolers. The perspective of teenagers is unique and valuable, yet it is often disregarded and overlooked. I hope to bridge the gap between adults and teenagers by sharing my experiences and points of view in this coming year.



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