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Sixty Good Years
Dave Druker | Mayor of Del Mar

July 15, 1959 is the official birth date for Del Mar as an independent city. Of course the original founding date goes back to the 1880s.

On Monday, July 15, 2019, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary as part of our City Council meeting. We have invited past city council members to join us to enjoy birthday cake and wax nostalgic about the days since our founding.

The establishment of Del Mar as a separate, independent city was a contentious event. Battle lines formed. The visionaries who wanted a city were concerned about the City and County of San Diego “over-developing” our fair city by the sea.

he opposition was concerned about the future fiscal viability of the city. These concerns continue as does the ability of issues to quickly become contentious.
Fortunately, today the finances of the city are in solid shape. There are still concerns about the City of San Diego allowing their traffic problems caused by development to affect Del Mar. Yet Del Mar continues to be the envy of the county.
Del Mar is blessed to continue to have an engaged community. With our fully filled citizen advisory committees and non-profit organizations, the city has a large percentage of active citizens.

Also as part of the celebration, the Del Mar Foundation will be holding a jazz concert on Sunday, July 14 at the Town Hall.

We look forward to seeing everyone as part of this celebration.


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