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Thanks, Jo!
Jeff Barnouw | Amphitheatre Drive

Jo and Midge.
Photo Jeff Barnouw.
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Her friends and fans at DMCC, volunteers and beneficiaries alike, have to say goodbye to Jo Morgenthal. After three fine years as Program Director, she has accepted a new job as Director of Youth Engagement at Congregation Beth Am, the Conservative Synagogue on Del Mar Heights Road. It’s on your left as you drive to Trader Joe’s.

She’ll go on living in Little Italy, which must remind her of the Greenwich Village she grew up in. Her commute will stay the same in distance, but the hours will be better since she’ll be working with kids K-to-12, mainly afternoons and weekends. She will be returning to her first passion as a professional, working with children. She came to DMCC after many years as a Camp Director in New York City and New Jersey.

Her B.S. in Applied Social Sciences from SUNY-Binghamton prepared her as an educator who now will be working with about 400 kids of all ages, but she’s particularly looking forward to the leadership development program United Synagoge Youth, in which teens practice democracy.

She had been in San Diego before, as supervisor at the YMCA 2008-10 and Director of an overnight camp 2006-08, and was already planning to come back when the job with DMCC opened up. So it was a happy coincidence for her and for all those who have benefitted from her presence here. She says she has been very happy to be part of such a program and group of people, where volunteering and helping others is so strong a shared impulse, and where those helped are so appreciative.

DMCC President Terry Kopanski spoke for us all, “We’re a close-knit group and losing Jo is like losing a part of the family. During her three years as Program Director Jo brought a lot of energy, enthusiasm and leadership to our organization and a great deal of warmth and understanding to our Del Mar seniors. Jo will be missed by all of us at DMCC.”

Her last day on the job is June 7. We’ll give her a good sendoff.


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