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Bold New Vision
Ellie Haviland | City Councilmember

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The design for the 2021 regional transportation plan for San Diego County is underway. Under the leadership of the new executive Director, Hasan Ikhrata, new and innovative ideas are at the forefront.

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It has been widely reported that the focus of the new plan has been on transit vs. freeways, but that does not do the bold new vision justice. The transit options are meant to be a real alternative to the car, not the inconvenient system we have now that rarely goes where you are headed in a timely manner. The freeway system envisioned is smarter and adds capacity without having to add new lanes. Our local roads would also be upgraded to accommodate all users and to support new technology. Transportation Hubs will provide for smooth transitions between modes of travel and the entire system will be safer and more efficient. The graphics above from the April 26th SANDAG Board meeting show examples of how to connect where people live to where they work.

For Del Mar, the most impactful decision will be what to do with the rail line that goes through town and along the bluffs. Options include tunnels, trenching, double tracking the current location and more. SANDAG representatives will be coming to City Council on June 3rd to discuss the new Regional Plan, so be sure to watch to learn more about the proposed changes and how they will impact you.


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