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Gen Citizen
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Author Scott Warren. Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.

Scott Warren, chief executive officer of Generation Citizen, was the featured speaker at the April Library Local Author Talk series. He talked about his book “Generation Citizen: The Power of Youth in our Politics.” Scott, the son of residents Glenn and Randee Warren, spent his early days in Del Mar before traveling to and living in South America and Kenya with his parents. In Kenya he had the opportunity to observe democracy in action and how important having the vote in an election was to the citizens. With this memory in mind, Scott went on to found Generation Citizen with the help of a gift, a check for the start up, from an encouraging donor just after graduating from Brown University in 2009. The aim of the organization is to bring back and ensure a basic civics education to American students in low income schools to enable informed young people to participate in our democratic system. Generation Citizen has grown to 6 stations around the country with 50 employees who work with educators, students, and district officers to introduce and implement the program. The organization is funded by foundations, participating schools and monies from private donations through fund raising. He is currently a democracy fellow at Brown University. Learn more at www.generationcitizen.org/



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