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Streetscape Squeeze
Ann Gardner | Via Latina

As we go to press brick accent paving is being installed in front of Stratford Square on Camino del Mar as part of a final push to complete all Streetscape sidewalks before the summer season starts. Source: City of Del Mar website.

Work on the new Downtown Streetscape is happening on both sides of Camino del Mar as crews gear up to make up for time lost due mainly to rain delays and replacement of unforeseen failed storm drain pipes. The goal is to focus now on providing pedestrian accessibility, i.e. finish all the sidewalks, by the start of the summer season and a completed overlay of Camino del Mar by the start of the racing season.

City Council unanimously approved moving ahead as necessary to add more crew, adding Saturdays for light work away from the busiest areas of downtown and extending working hours to 7 p.m. on southbound Camino del Mar. Council applauded that five properties on the west side of the 1100 block have granted easements to the City allowing for a continuous sidewalk in that area.

The Del Mar Village Association and City staff is also working to identify additional parking with extra directional signs for visitors while the remaining work is being completed. This becomes especially critical as work begins at the main downtown 15th Street and Camino del Mar intersection this month. At a recent Streetscape briefing, Jen Grove, Del Mar Village Association, and Randy Gruber, Americana and Elixir restaurants, offered to pay for additional signage if needed.

“We will all be going full grind between July 4th and Opening Day at the races,” the City Manager commented at last month’s City Council meeting. Go to “Downtown Streetscape Project” on the City website and subscribe to excellent weekly progress reports with photos. The next bi-weekly Streetscape briefings are at 9 a.m. Monday, May 13 and 28 at Town Hall.

The Streetscape project is one of three funded by Prop. Q monies. The other two are the Undergrounding and Shores Park projects.



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