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Affordabilty Factoids

1. Our total current state mandate for affordable housing is 76 units; 22 is just the portion that applies to extremely low, very low, and low-income categories; we have an additional mandate for 20 moderate and 34 above moderate, and we haven’t fully achieved any of these obligations. [Source: June 4, 2018 staff report]

2. In Del Mar, ADUs may not exceed 550 square feet, while JrADUs may not exceed 500 square feet.

3. Because of the state mandate that gave rise to the new ordinance, we cannot require that ADUs that comply with the ordinance be deed-restricted for affordability. (This is why we have a pilot program with an FAR bonus incentive for deed-restricted ADUs -- because we can’t require deed restriction.)

4. Parking requirements are already loosened in Del Mar based on our new ordinance: “Most properties will not be required to dedicate a parking space for an ADU, unless located more than 1/2 mile from a public transit stop. No parking is required for a JrADU.”

5. Review is already restricted: “State law requires a streamlined application process that exempts ADUs and JrADUs from all discretionary permits, including design review permits.”

6. Here are the definitions of ADU and JrADU: “ADUs are secondary dwelling units with complete, independent living facilities (kitchen and bathroom) located on the same parcel as an existing single family dwelling. JrADUs are dwelling units developed within the walls of an existing single-family home, which have a bedroom, separate entrance, efficiency kitchen and a bathroom, or access to a bathroom within the main dwelling unit.”

[Source for #2 and #3-#6 above: https://www.delmar.ca.us/642/Accessory-Dwelling-Units-ADUs]



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