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Tracking Tracks

Kicking on Down the Tracks
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

SANDAG Presentation on Del Mar Bluffs Stabilization Efforts and
Future Tunnel | City of Del Mar, City Council Meeting, February 11, 2019
Studied five alignments from Del Mar Fairgrounds to Sorrento Valley |
1) Crest Canyon, 2) Crest Canyon higher speed, 3) Camino del Mar,
4) Interstate 5, 5) Interstate 5 East.
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According to a February Coastal Commission report, 2050 is the current target date for relocation of the railroad track off the bluffs to an inland location. When the railroad is no longer on the bluffs, shoreline protection structures will be removed by SANDAG and/or NCTD.

All the restoration and reinforcement work completed in 2019 will be temporary as will all other future maintenance to the bluffs until the target date. Any decision on where and how to reroute about five miles of track off of the bluffs has been kicked on down the tracks for study. It is a matter of money, millions now for maintenance of our fragile bluffs while waiting for billions to reroute the tracks. Five proposed alternatives are to be studied from a “cut and cover” or other tunnel running deep under Camino del Mar, two possible tunnels under Crest Canyon and two tunnels to take the tracks east to Interstate 5.



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