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Ann Gardner | Via Latina

Last month Zephyr took down the story poles for the proposed Del Mar Resort above Dog Beach and said, taking into consideration concerns voiced by both Del Mar and Solana Beach residents about the size of the project, they would come back with a revised plan early next year. As a result, according to Del Mar Project Planner Matt Bator, the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be delayed to include review of the revised plan and is not expected to be released until early 2019.

The Draft EIR is being prepared by an environmental consultant selected by the City of Del Mar and will “address traffic, geotechnical and bluff stability, greenhouse gas emissions, community character and other areas impacted” by the project as required by the California Environmental Quality Act. The Draft will released for public review for a minimum of 45 days which can be extended for up to 90 days according to Del Mar’s Supplemental CEQA Guidelines. Written comments on the draft will be responded to in writing by the City. The final EIR including public comments, responses to comments and any revisions will be considered by the Planning Commission and certified by the City Council on a simple majority vote.

Public review of the Draft EIR initiates Step 2 of the “formal” Specific Plan Process for a proposed Resort project that would allow commercial/visitor uses in a low density residential zone in exchange for extraordinary benefits to the City. According to a September 17 staff report a non-action public meeting will also be held by the Planning Commission in the middle of the draft EIR review period for a “public information/review of the DEIR.”

Presumably the original dates for the Economic, Design, Planning Commission and City Council reviews and hearings will be pushed beyond the estimated start time of spring 2019. However it is important to continue checking the City website at the “Proposed Del Mar Resort Specific Plan” link in the lower right hand corner for updates. You can also sign up for “Notify Me” available at that link or contact Project Planner Matt Bator at mabator@delmar.ca.us to be added to a list of interested parties.



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