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Undergrounding Underway
The first step in the undergrounding project , a survey of all the poles and service connections, has been completed by the city contractor. We will monitor next steps in this impressive undertaking to be funded by Measure Q sales tax revenues.

Housing Starts
Two promising starts in our 5/22 program for affordable housing. Voter approval of the 941 project includes two affordable units. Also, an application for a pilot program “granny flat” is making its way through the city approval process.

Supreme Selection
Del Mar native son Josh Groban has been appointed by Governor Brown to the California Supreme Court. After confirmation in December, the Sandpiper will interview Justice Groban.

Let the Sunshine In
The 80 kW solar system atop City Hall has been granted permission to operate by San Diego Gas & Electric and is now generating electricity to power City Hall and Town Hall and charge the 50kW/hour battery system. Usage and performance data are being collected by the Center for Sustainable Energy, and public presentation of the performance will begin early next year. There has been heavy use of the electric vehicle charging stations during the free introduction period that has accounted for about 30% of the total electricity bill. When EV charging is no longer free, it is expected that use will dimenish and bills will stabilize.



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