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No A Fence
Don Mosier | Rimini Road

The proposed fence along the railroad tracks on the Del Mar bluff will be delayed for at least a year while the North County Transit District (NCTD) and the City of Del Mar study alternatives for safety enhancements. This study was made public at the November 19th Council meeting following discussions between NCTD and city staff in response to the virtually unanimous opposition to the fencing plan by Del Mar residents. Online petitions in opposition to the fence proposal garnered almost 2000 signatures. Concerns included blockage of access to the beach, visual impacts, trapping of pedestrians between the two fences east and west of the track, and blockage of potential evacuation routes during wildfires. NCTD will hire a consultant to work with the city to identify the preferred measure to ensure pedestrian safety along the bluff portion of the railroad that was targeted because it has the most “trespasser” activity of any NCTD rail route. In an earlier discussion of safe pedestrian crossings, the council agreed that getting the train tracks off the bluffs remains a top priority, and that serious planning at SANDAG should begin now.


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