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Our Mission
The Sandpiper Editorial Board

Over twenty years ago the Sandpiper was founded by a group of citizens concerned that an anonymous publication was printing relentlessly negative, angry anti-Del Mar rants, including ugly personal attacks against Council Members. Their goal was to offer a space where citizen authors could discuss constructive ideas and issues concerning how to implement the Community Plan. The explicit intent was to present a more balanced representation of this unique community to newcomers, as well as current residents.

All writers were to be identified and civil tone would be encouraged. It was established as an organ of a non-profit C4 entity which would enable it to comment on political matters. All editors and writers serve as volunteers with no compensation. Printing and mailing costs are covered by donations. It is produced in print monthly. A few years ago we established a Sandpiper website.

The Sandpiper mission is explicitely stated on our editorial page: “Its purpose is to advocate for the Del Mar Community Plan, to foster informed public and governmental decision-making regarding issues affecting the Del Mar community, and to encourage a social and political climate favorable to the protection of the community character of the City of Del Mar and its environs.”

To accomplish this mission, we focus coverage on the three essential dimensions of the Community’s vision:

• preserving the natural physical environment of the community including the ocean, the beach, the lagoon, canyons, parks, open spaces, trees and shrubbery, air, water, sky, fish, wildlife, even critters.

• managing the built environment to keep all structures at a human scale and in harmony with the natural environment.

• involving members of our incredibly rich human talent bank in ways that enrich the quality of our community life and inform our public policy decisions.
Over the decades we have benefited from the writing of hundreds of Del Mar citizens. We have offered space for commentaries on a variety of issues, especially encouraging side by side pro and con commentaries. We follow the workings of City government including staff, City Council, commissions, and advisory groups.

We profile interesting individuals, community organizations, accomplished professionals, and local businesses. Just like most news entities, we editorialize our own views including our assessments of the experience and qualifications of candidates for office.

The Sandpiper aspires to represent the many voices of the community within the bounds of constructive civic discourse. The paper has continued to evolve over the years and we welcome readers’ ideas about how we can improve our process.



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