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A hard fought campaign this year in Del Mar produced these result:
Note: A handful of ballots remains to be counted. Final count to be announced on December 12.

CITY COUNCIL (two seats open)
Terry Gaasterland with 1452 votes came in first and will take one of the open seats. Her campaign strategy produced strong support from the beach community as well as votes from all the other precincts.

Incumbent Dwight Worden came in second with 1178 votes to retain his seat. A healthy majority of voters rebuked the anonymous persons who mounted a vicious smear campaign trying to unseat him.

Brian Fletcher made a strong third place showing with 1053 votes, doing very well in the beach area and garnering more votes from other precincts.

Dan Quirk’s low budget campaign made a respectable showing with 567 votes. He offered many new ideas and solutions which attracted votes from all precincts.

Democrat Mike Levin easily defeated Republican Diane Harkey to replace disgraced Congressman Darrell Issa, 55% to 45% (even stronger in the San Diego portion of the two county district , 59% to 41%)

Measure P Yes 59% No 41% (amend city general plan)
Measure R Yes 18% No 82% (shoreline protection area)
Measure T Yes 80% No 20% (gas station site 941 redevelopment)
Measure MM Yes 61% No 39% (elementary school bond)


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