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EDITORIAL: Civic Civility

The recent election in Del Mar came far too close to mirroring our dysfunctional national political scene. Facts don’t matter and anonymous personal attacks are fair game. In Del Mar!

We all live in a beautiful village on the beach. We all should be able to agree that preserving our lifestyle is in our shared interest. That is what our Community Plan is all about. We can debate the merits of various policies to implement our common vision, but the focus should stay on issues, not personalities. Some of the vitriol in this campaign assigned blame for environmental threats to beachfront property to one candidate.

Threats to property come from wildfires, earthquakes, flooding, and changes in sea levels. One person does not control these events. The California Coastal Commission is a villain when it wants to guide adaptation to sea level rise but a hero when it loosens regulations on short-term rentals. The Surfrider Foundation opposes seawalls but supports sand replenishment. So we agree on some policies and disagree on others. Then let’s debate the policies and stop vilifying the messengers.

Thanks to all the candidates who ran for City Council and personally offered their visions for the future of Del Mar. Congratulations to Terry Gaasterland and Dwight Worden on their election. Thanks to Brian Fletcher and Dan Quirk for their candidacy and willingness to serve.



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