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It’s a wrap
Tom McGreal | Stratford Court

Holiday decoration at 1330 CDM.
Photo Julie-Maxey Allison.
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This year the new City Hall project was completed on time and on budget! The City Council heard the final project report by Kristen Crane at the November 19th Council meeting.

The budget of $17.8 million was established in November of 2015 and the relocation to the new facility was scheduled for June 30, 2018. The actual relocation took place on May 29th ahead of schedule and when the accounting dust settles there will be a small remaining surplus of funds from the budget.

This was a large-scale complex project that included all components of design, engineering, environmental review, entitlement process, project management, the actual construction with its many inspections and the final furnishings.

The project not only required the hired construction, engineering and project management experts, but it benefitted from a number of local volunteers. The Council asked Al Corti to serve as a Special Liaison, Don Mosier to assist with the solar components and the Finance Committee to monitor the budget. Bob Gans headed up a sub-committee for the Finance Committee to monitor the budget, track all change orders, review any budget variances, usage of the owner’s contingency and the project funding, which included the long term funding from the I Bank (a State Institution) as well as private donations from individuals and the Del Mar Foundation. Bob’s Final Report was also presented to the Council at the November 19th meeting and it is included in the Agenda packet for anyone wishing to dig into the details.

Many thanks to the City staff, the volunteers, the neighbors and the hired experts who navigated their way through the largest capital improvement project in the City’s history.



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