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Follow the Money
Candidate’s Filings: Form 460
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

Here are the interesting stats from the first City Council candidates’ filings (Form 460), covering campaign contributions and expenses through 9/22/2018:

Brian Fletcher reported the most contributions, at $13,680 from 71 donors, with 54% of the money and 52% of donors from non-Del Mar addresses.

Dwight Worden reported $12,830 in contributions from 67 donors, with 97% of both money and donors from Del Mar addresses. The 3% from non-Del Mar addresses came from two former Del Mar mayors (Crystal Crawford, Lee Haydu).

Terry Gaasterland reported $10,130 in contributions (plus a $1,100 loan she made to her campaign), with 13.8% of the money and 11.9% of donors reported from non-Del Mar addresses.

Dan Quirk lagged far behind, with $2,430 in contributions ($600 from himself), with 53.5% of the money and 75% of the donors from non-Del Mar addresses.
Measure R


Our political season is very similar to previous years with one glaring exception regarding, the initiative trying to change the methodology for determining lot size on the beachfront which likely causes significant unintended consequences. The stakes must be high for those for and against based on the campaign funds been reported.

  • Form 460 for “Del Mar Residents for Fairness, No on Measure R” shows $135,000 in contributions and expenditures of $39,062. This represents 9 contributors who each contributed $15,000. This includes corporate donors like Investors Leasing Corporation and Warren Properties Inc.; individuals like Doug Allred, Thomas C. Hays, Henrick Jorst, Sandra Naftzger, Jenny Craig, and Natalie N. Davis, and an LLC: C4 Sandy Lane LLC.
  • Form 460 for “Yes on Measure R” shows $111,733 in contributions, and $160,424 in expenditures. All of the contributions were from Rick Thompson except for $500 from Diane P. Cox.



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