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Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Celeste Cantú.
Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.
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Drop by Drop
September DMFTalk speaker Celeste Cantú spoke about how to deal with drought, our ongoing concern, detailing the intricacies of “Managing Our Water, Drop by Drop.” Our recycled raindrops are the exact same we have always had from way before the dinosaurs. The conundrum: how to better organize our use of water within the intricate layers of current management and the new realities of climate issues. The cost is not the water, a “public good,” but the expensive and complicated delivery systems routed through rivers, reservoirs, pipes, and faucets that take up a whopping 19% of all energy used in California. Another statistic: approximately 80% of household water use is for outdoor watering a reason to rethink landscaping. According to Cantú, if we get it right, California will be OK, because we can learn to live using less water. If not, we all have to move.
Cantú is Chief Executive Officer of the Water Education for Latino Leaders. Pre-viously, Ms. Cantú served as general manager of the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA) and led in developing the Crest to Coast, Corner to Corner Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan. Among her other positions: Executive Director for the California State Water Resources Control Board, Executive Director of the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development State Director for California. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Yale in urban planning and policy and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Kathleen Stoughton. Photo John Gastaldo.
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Lux Art
October DMFTalk speaker Kathleen Stoughton, the new Executive Director of the LUX Art Institute, shared insights about this resource right in our own neighbor-hood. She was joined by Guusje Sanders. LUX host studio artists-in-residence. You can watch, right in front of your eyes, the artist create his or her unique form of art. If you, too, want to try your hand, the LUX offers classes for adults and children as well as educational programs.

Kathleen Stoughton has worked at some of the country’s most renowned arts in-stitutions. In addition, she has taught art history and museum studies at USC, San Diego Mesa College and UC San Diego. Stoughton founded San Diego’s first Museum Studies Program and as Director of the UCSD Art Gallery where she launched an international exhibitions program and an artist-in-residence program. She organized the first K-12 outreach program for the UCSD Division of Arts and Humanities. Stoughton is a recipient of numerous awards including the Smithsonian Outstanding Achievement Award, the San Diego Industry-Education Council’s Outstanding Educator, and has in addition, served on boards and committees for more than 20 organizations.

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