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Local Blood Suckers
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Those tiny vampire-like biting black salt marsh mosquitos that, suddenly, last summer, were on the attack everywhere are in fact long term residents. They are at home in our local lagoons and tide pools. Reminder: they are a nuisance species, pesky and persistent, but do not carry diseases. Last season’s population explosion, usually controlled at the larvae stage by the County of San Diego Vector Control Program, was due to two outstanding environmental changes. The more frequent king (high) tides left an increased number of residue salt water puddles and the reconstruction of the San Dieguito Lagoon greatly expanded the wet lands area—perfect for breeding mosquitos.

Vector Control representative Chris Conlan reports “As long as we are doing our job no one knows we exist.” We do now. The organization will follow up in the new trouble sites and distribute bacterial pellets (not spray) of organic VectoMax, FourStar, and/or Methoprene to treat and eliminate mosquito larvae before they hatch. Though the Vector Control scouts are “ever checking,” Conlan encourages the public to notify the program of any developing problem areas.

County of San Diego Vector Control Program: (858) 694-2888.



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