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DM Resort:
Solana Beach Responses: YES

Reply from Jeff Cameron to Solana Beach Councilmember Lesa Heebner

Thanks for your response. I guess I have a completely different view of the project. I, like 99% of Solana Beach, will not have my view blocked but rather the resort will take a completely unusable ugly dirt lot surrounded by a chain link fence and give us access to it. The 99% will be able to walk on the bluffs, enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the ocean, etc., in effect giving us a view that we didn’t have before, not taking it away. Have you done a count of the number of views impacted, 10 homes maybe, to the number of people who won’t have to drive past that ugly dirt lot with a chain link fence. Right now as it stands, it is an unusable ugly 20 acre lot that the majority just ignore because it is useless to them. As for the housing value of the maybe 10 people impacted they had to know when buying their home that there was a possibility of something being built there someday. I bought a condo downtown and they were required to point out the empty lots where something may be built that would block my view, that is just a fact of buying real estate. I would also argue that having a beautiful resort in the community instead of that eye sore would increase the value of the homes of the majority not decrease them.

Out of the three options: 1) leave it as an unusable ugly lot surrounded by a chain link fence, 2) build mega mansions and make it all private (which I believe is what it is zoned for), 3) or build a beautiful sustainable resort that the community can at least enjoy only the last is appealing to me. I don’t think blocking the view of a very, very tiny percentage of Solana beach residents should make it so the majority will never even step foot or enjoy the property. I am out and about in the community a lot, as well as my fiancé, and we hear a very different story of support. I have noticed that the opposition definitely makes a louder noise but I think that tide is about to change.

Does the opposition propose some other use for this property other than sitting empty surrounded by a chain link fence? This to me is similar to Solana 101. I can’t understand why people would rather see that eye sore of a junk yard, rather than build something that the community can use. I hate every day driving past that lot with all the junk on it, that is my view that you are blocking. The pictures below is what I drive by every day 2-3 times It is the view the majority of Solana Beach sees on a daily basis and everyone driving the beautiful 101. Is this really what you want for our community? I find it impossible to believe that the majority would want either of these views so 10 people can keep their awesome views and home value. Please explain to me why either picture below is good for the community or truly represents Solana Beach?


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