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Resort Fiscal Fitness
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

An Economic Impact and Fiscal Analysis was prepared for the proposed Del Mar Resort, suggested on the 16.6 acre site at the southwest corner of Camino del Mar and Border Avenue. This independent study was prepared for the City of Del Mar by the economics consultant team of Keyser Marston Associates Inc. (KMA) and Maurice Robinson & Associates LLC (MRA) and published in September 2018. The report is based upon the first version of the proposed development of a multi-building resort complex with a 251 room hotel, 76 resort villas, an 11 room visitor’s inn, approximately 2,000 SF of retail space, approximately 6,000 SF of restaurant space, and 15 affordable rental units. However, the planners are now working on a revised proposal which will require updated analyses to include the following:

• Competitive Market Position
• Financial Feasibility Analysis
• Economic Impact Analysis
• Affordable Housing Needs Assessment; and
• Fiscal Impact Analysis


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