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Don Mosier | Rimini Road

The Del Mar City Council voted 5-0 at their October 15th meeting to reject managed retreat as a strategy to deal with sea level rise. The adopted resolution states that: “…planned retreat is not feasible in Del Mar due to the economic, environmental, engineering, social, political, and legal constraints and uncertainties; that the extremely high land value in Del Mar means that public acquisition of any property the City does not control will be difficult and cost prohibitive for the City to pursue; that alternative locations are not available for displaced residents or City infrastructure to relocate; that the existing shoreline protection for the “front row” homes and City property along the beachfront helps protect lower lying public and private property from ocean flooding; that removal of the existing shoreline protection structures and the “front row” homes and City facilities would likely not alleviate the risk of flooding due to the lower elevation of the rest of the neighborhood; that there is a high threat of infrastructure failure if existing shoreline protection structures are removed; and that there is a high threat of legal risk if retreat of private property is pursued.”

The two grants from the Coastal Commission that funded the studies of the risks of sea level rise and potential adaptation strategies specified that managed retreat be considered as a strategy. It was considered by the Sea Level Rise Technical Advisory Committee and the Council, and it has been rejected by both.



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