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Civic Center Blossoms
Orchid for Outstanding Architecture

City officials accepted the award presented by Assemblyman Todd Gloria on October 4.

“The jury was impressed by the beautiful detailing and the masterful execution of the new Del Mar Civic Center and City Hall, as well as its ability to express the culture and physical attributes of Del Mar,” Gloria said. “Jurors noted the effective integration of the building into the site’s topography and the site into the village streetscape.”

ORCHID criteria include:

• Exemplifies good place making, ie it is a functional and memorable place or space to be
• Contributes to its surrounding context and adds to community character
• Skillfully and thoughtfully detailed and crafted – showing respect for materials and the community
• Expresses something relevant to our time and place – San Diego, 2018 as well as its function
• Provides social and economic benefit to San Diegans
• Encourages social interaction or a quiet moment
• Elicits a sense of civic pride
• Is technologically or environmentally innovative
• Supports community building
The complex designed by the Miller Hull Partnership, was one of 16 to win an Orchid out of the 118 nominees.

An example of the the “beautiful detailing” of the Del Mar Civic Center and Town Hall cited in the Orchid Award.
Photo Don Mosier.
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