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EDITORIAL: Sandpiper Endorses Worden for City Council

Few have done as much as Dwight Worden to bring to fruition the small town vision laid out in our Community Plan. Recognized throughout the state as an expert in environmental and municipal law, Dwight has been using his know-how for Del Mar’s benefit for more than four decades. During that time he has served our community in many capacities as our City Attorney, as a legal counsel defending our interests in court, as legal counsel for several regional organizations, as a legal advisor for environmental and grassroots citizen groups, as the author of the Beach Protection Initiative (BPI) and Measure B, as a community advocate, as a contributing volunteer on numerous city advisory committees, as a Council Member and our current Mayor.

Dwight’s leadership style involves respectful listening, resourceful problem solving, and facilitation of community consensus. His ideas and accomplishments are grounded in the values of our Community Plan. Even in the face of contentious issue discussions, Dwight treats everyone with respect and helps guide all toward civil discourse.

His many accomplishments through the decades are impressive. In the last four years on the Council he has guided the development of our new civic center on time and on budget, insisted on conservative financial planning, pushed plans for infrastructure improvements to our sewer, water, and streets. He was instrumental in shaping our strategic plan for sea level rise and fashioning a compromise plan for short term rentals that protects our residential core.

His priorities for the next few years are impressive including completion of Shores Park, utility under grounding, downtown streetscape using Measure Q sales tax funds. He will continue to support the improved design review guidelines to protect neighborhoods. He will work to gain influence in fairground activities that impact traffic, noise, and the fragile lagoon estuary. He plans to achieve compliance with our state-mandated affordable housing goals in ways that fit with our community character. Other priorities to be addressed include beach access, bluff protection, rail safety, and citizen involvement in large development projects.
Del Mar always has a very full agenda in our efforts to protect our small town character. We feel confident that Dwight Worden has incredible qualifications and values to lead us through these challenges. We ask our readers to support his candidacy.

There are three other candidates for the second vacancy on the Council. In recent years Terry Gaasterland has served on the Finance Committee, Design Review Board, and chaired the Sea Level Rise Committee. Dan Quirk served a term on the Finance Committee and is credited as the author of Measure Q. The other candidate is Brian Fletcher. We urge voters to scrutinize these three, listen to their debates, and settle on a choice as the most promising for a new voice on our Council. We think a blend of Worden’s leadership capabilities with a new voice from among the other candidates will produce a smart electoral outcome for Del Mar’s future.


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