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Hit Pieces Unacceptable

Until recent days we could be proud that our election season in Del Mar was staying within the bounds of civil, civic behavior. Kudos to our four candidates for staying on the issues and avoiding personal attacks.
It is more than disappointing that a “newsletter” email “hit piece” from writers, too cowardly to identify themselves, hit our computers targeting candidate Dwight Worden with blatant misrepresentations about his actions and positions. The anonymist charged Worden with “selling out the soul of the city” on our efforts to plan for the impact of sea level rise on our community. It also charges that Measure P was devised by Worden to give local power away to the state. The attacks are now arriving in print in our mailboxes, still unsigned! The actual facts disprove these anonymous charges.

Fact checks:
Sea Level Rise

• Worden wrote the Beach Protection Initiative and defended it in court.
• Worden voted with the Council to get funding for study of the science and facts involved in sea level rise.
• Worden wrote the Del Mar plan rejecting “managed retreat” as infeasible for Del Mar.
• Worden voted for a plan that includes sand replenishment, river dredging, and a living levee.
• Worden voted for a process which will allow local control and help us get funding for sand deposits.

Measure P
Worden joined a unanimous City Council, after two public hearings, to approve the Measure so that Del Mar will be able to exercise more local control over land use matters.

Deliberate misrepresentations, personal attacks, and fear mongering are not acceptable in Del Mar elections. Unsigned hit pieces are not acceptable. We cannot let dirty politics degrade our municipal election. We trust that voters and the candidates will reject such practices.


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