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Don Mosier | Rimini Road

When confronted with the “sea” of orange T-shirts,
a nearby attendee was heard to say: “Well,
we are really outnumbered this time.”
Photo Ann Gardner.
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The Board of Directors of the 22nd District Agricultural Association (22nd DAA) voted 8-1 (Penniman no) on September 11 to review gun show policies and prohibit new gun show contracts in 2019. Two previously contracted shows in late September and early December of this year will proceed as scheduled.
The staff of the 22nd DAA was directed to present new policies for gun shows no later than the December 2019 meeting of the Board. The direction to staff, which was reinforced by a strong letter of support from Assemblymember Todd Gloria, was to:
• Conduct gun shows only for educational and safety training purposes
• Consider banning possession of guns and ammunition on state property
• Align gun show contract language with recent changes in federal and state law
• Enhance security plans for future shows with added safety plans
• Consider raising the age for show entrants
• Grant rights to the 22nd DAA to perform an audit to confirm that gun show sponsors (currently Crossroads of the West) are in full compliance with California penal codes

Over 70 public speakers submitted comments during the meeting, including Rose Ann and Ira Sharp of NeverAgainCA. Board President Steve Shewmaker voiced his concerns after discovering that self- assembled weapons, armor-piercing bullets, and hollow-point bullets were being sold at the gun shows. The owners of the Crossroads of the West franchise have been convicted of violating federal gun laws, and they have circumvented this issue (which would have prohibited them operating in California) by transferring operational authority to the daughter of the founder.

Todd Gloria’s letter of September 10th stated that he was “prepared to act by way of legislation should the 22nd DAA Board be unable to take meaningful action. I have prepared language for introduction in the next legislative session should that become necessary.”

The supporters of gun shows and Crossroads of the West vowed to fight the action taken by the 22nd DAA Board. Let’s hope that the resolve shown by the Board this September will be reflected by their decisions in
December 2019.



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