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$treetscape: Do It All!
City Council vote was an unanimous 5-0 to revive the proposed Streetscape plan to renovate Camino Del Mar (CDM), 15th Street to 9th Street, derailed earlier this year due to significantly higher than anticipated construction bids.
The Council approved a resolution directing staff to solicit renewed bids to get Streetscape “off and running” with the recalculated plan that includes some cost cuts and changes in funding structure. The current estimate is $7.1 million. Mayor Worden noted “it is never going to cost less.” The city has $$1,324,150 available and will use an additional $3,245,850 from funds generated to date and projected for 2018-2019 from Measure Q to pave and improve CDM. To round up the numbers, the City will take out a $2,530,000 short term loan.
Once bids are finished and contractors selected, the optimistically anticipated starting date will be November 2018 (with time out for the holidays) and the job completed by June 30, 2019.

Del Mar Turns Left
The streetscape project between Del Mar Heights Road and Carmel Valley Road has been completed with new signal lights and lane markings on Camino Del Mar (CDM). There are now two left turn lanes from southbound CDM onto eastbound Del Mar Heights, and southbound traffic now gets green light priority over northbound traffic. There are also improved pedestrian and bike lanes along the west side of CDM making access to the bluffs at the southern entrance to Del Mar much more accessible.

Civic Center Solar
Installation of the 80 kW solar system and 50 kW battery storage underway at City Hall is expected to be completed following testing in early October. The performance of the solar system will be closely monitored for the first year of operation using funds from the California Energy Commission in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Energy, and lessons learned will be shared with the local community and other municipal governments.


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