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Ballot Choices

Mike Levin
The Sandpiper recommends a vote for Mike Levin in the 49fh congressional district on this year’s ballot. Our district can make an important contribution in the national effort to restore a system of checks and balances during a time when the excesses of one party rule are doing serious damage to our country, both domestically and internationally. Levin is an environmental attorney who can bring important bipartisan ideas for laws that can address very serious climate change challenges.

Measure MM: School Bond
The Sandpiper urges a yes vote on school bond Measure MM, which which includes some big ticket items such as adding a 9th school in the Pacific Highlands Ranch, rebuilding the Del Mar Heights school, and modernizing the Del Mar Hills school.

Measure R: Lines in the Sand
The Sandpiper recommends a No vote on Measure R, the ballot initiative to change the way floor area ratio is calculated for beachfront and other properties in Del Mar. This is a poorly written measure that arose out of a dispute between two neighbors, is bad policy for Del Mar, and will likely cause extensive litigation if approved by the voters.

Measure T: Mixed-Use Residential-941
The Sandpiper recommends a yes vote on Measure T, a zoning change to allow a mixed use residential/commercial development at the old gas station site at 10th Street and Camino Del Mar. The vote is on the zoning change, not the project details that will be reviewed by the Design Review Board and the City Council. Residents approved the Garden Project at this site several years ago by almost 85% when Measure B was still in effect, but the former developers were unable to finance the project. The current development team has responded to community input by revising their plans, and the project will add to the vitality of the south end of the commercial district that it was hoped that the new Civic Center would stimulate.



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