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Question 1
More than 3 million pounds of highly radioactive spent fuel rods are currently being loaded into steel canisters at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stations (SONGS) only 32 miles upwind from Del Mar. These canisters are a few yards from the ocean, 18 inches above the mean high tide line, and in an area vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis.

How will you support actions to make sure that this “temporary” storage site does not become permanent?

• FLETCHER: Q1 I support the Citizens Oversight lawsuit settlement with Southern California Edison (SCE), which requires the hiring of an expert panel for transport and relocation of SONGS’ nuclear waste. Del Mar should be on record as supporting a permanent and safe relocation of this material.

• GAASTERLAND: Q1 The current storage at SONGS is far from sufficient. The consequences of a leak would be devastating. The waste must be moved away from the coast. I will support working with communities up and down the coast to establish plans to move the waste inland. We are not in this alone.
Within Del Mar, we need to create an emergency preparedness plan in case of an unexpected leak.

• QUIRK: Q1 If not Yucca Mountain in Nevada, our nation needs to come up with a permanent national storage location in another state, including potentially a remote area of California. After all, waste was produced in California. As a market-driven solution, California could fund the $10 billion cost to build (with federal expertise), and then charge other states to store their waste so that it’s profitable for California.

• WORDEN: Q1 I authored the Council’s Resolution calling for removal of SONGS waste to safe offsite storage. I’ve studied the issue, been briefed by citizen activists, and have spoken out. SONGS was never intended for storage. I’ll work with federal and state authorities for removal, as a high priority.



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