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Partisan Patterns
Wayne Dernetz | 11th Street

The San Diego County Registrar of Voters (ROV) has just released its August 1, 2018 Report of Registration. For the City of Del Mar, the report shows total registered voters now stands at 3,143. Of these, 1,146 are registered Democrats and 993 are registered Republicans. This stands in marked contrast to the voter registration reports when Democrats and Republicans were near parity. I believe this represents the current trends we have seen over the past two years in which Democratic registrations are increasing overall and Republican registrations are declining. The Democrats now have a 15% margin over Republicans in the City of Del Mar.

Some other interesting statistics come from the Vote By Mail (VBM) report. The number of registered voters who have permanent VBM registration has remained steady over the past few years at just under 65%. Nearly two out of three.

In the June 2014 Gubernatorial Primary election, the percent of permanent VBM voters reached 56% vs. 63% in the June 2018 Gubernatorial Primary. In the 2012 Presidential General election, the percent of permanent VBM voters stood at 56%. By the 2016 Presidential General, that percent rose to 64%. (See p. 1 of the VBM report on our website).

Another interesting data point gleaned from the VBM report is the decline in total registered voters (TRV) in Del Mar. The report shows TRV in City of Del Mar stood at 3,673 for the January 1992 special municipal election; 3,605 for the April 1996 municipal election; and as stated above, 3,143 in the June 2018 primary. The decline in TRV is a good avatar for population changes as well. As the residential character of Del Mar continues to evolve, we are seeing fewer permanent residents overall. There are some obvious reasons for that. But, I think you’ll know what they are. (Hint: More out-of-town owners, including AirBnB investors.)


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