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Asking for Accident Alternatives
Diana Scheffler | Boquita Drive

In its last issue, the Sandpiper reported on an accident that once again raised concerns about traffic on Del Mar Heights Road. The volume and speed along the road pose increasing danger, not only to through traffic but to cross traffic and of course to pedestrians and cyclists. Meanwhile the City of San Diego was unable to provide matching funds requested by the Torrey Pines Planning Board to support a SANDAG grant proposal submitted by the Board to identify strategies to calm traffic. Had the City of San Diego provided an additional $85,000 to supplement its matching requirement for the grant, $355,000 would have been available to our community to develop some solutions.

Our subcommittee does not understand why the $85,000 could not have been made available, and we are searching for alternate, even temporary solutions, to tide the community over until more comprehensive improvements can be made. I asked and thank the many Sandpiper readers of the July/August article who sent us ideas; we have passed them on to the City for consideration.

Meanwhile, there may be a change that could redirect our approach. At its September 13 meeting the Board is expected to disband the subcommittee dealing with this issue with an “Ad Hoc” committee intended to operate for a limited time. The question is, what provisions will be made to continue the effort on a different basis? If you would like to attend the meeting and contribute to the discussion please contact me at, I will forward the Planning Board’s September Agenda, available 72 hours in advance of the meeting to you.



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