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On the Road
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street

Buffered bike lane separated by delineators.
Photo Julie Maxey-Allison.
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Many of our roads in the past few years have substantially improved for pedestrian, biker, and driver safety. Some new features are marked crosswalks, striped bike lanes, some painted green, many with buffers, and new signage to alert drivers to share the streets.

The latest stretch runs along Camino del Mar (CDM) from 4th Street/Del Mar Heights Road to Carmel Valley Road. On the West side walkers and joggers have a pathway, cyclists have a buffered bike lane separated by delineators, and a smooth segue onto CDM from the South end of Stratford. The East side bike lane is striped and buffered—and it’s all repaved! One questionable spot according to cyclists is the tricky stretch on Jimmy Durante north to the fairgrounds. The delineators separating cars from bikes can be a hazard when drivers inadvertently whack them into the bike lanes.

As we all benefit from the communal use of our roads, we can look ahead to another thoughtful restructuring of roads with our future Streetscape enhancements.

Update: while the ridership of rentable electric scooters and bikes in San Diego has grown with the accompanying problem of abandoned vehicles, so far in Del Mar the annoyance has been minimal.


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